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Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Pop from all decades, Crooners, Big Hits, JAZZ, FUNK, Deep Cuts and more all make up the music mix portion of MACKRADIO’s schedule.


Overnight programming includes a mix of great shows from the Golden Age of Radio. MACKRadio proudly presents Bob Hope, Martin & Lewis, Lux Radio Theatre and X Minus One. These shows are all so much fun and truly entertaining.


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An NBC radio series, The Martin and Lewis Show, ran from 1948-53. Martin and Lewis were a new kind of duo. Both were talented entertainers, but the fact that they were such good friends on and off stage took their act to a new level.

Initially, this series adapted Broadway plays during its first two seasons before it began adapting films. These hour-long radio programs were performed live before studio audiences. The series became the most popular dramatic anthology series on radio, broadcast for more than 20 years.

The Bob Hope Show ran from September 27, 1938 to June 8, 1948. It was one of the most listened-to radio programs in America and Bob Hope became a household name, due in part because of his opening monologue at the beginning of the program which has been noted as the most popular part of each episode.

X Minus One is an American half-hour science fiction radio drama series that was broadcast from April 24, 1955 to January 9, 1958 in various timeslots on NBC. Known for high production values in adapting stories from the leading American authors of the era, X Minus One has been described as one of the finest offerings of American radio drama and one of the best science fiction series in any medium.

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